Swatch Fasteners

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In addition to our binding screws, we have now introduced two new styles of swatch fasteners which both contain a 3mm central hole. This enables thin cord, nylon or our ball and canoe fittings to pass through the centre and allow your swatch to be hung-up, secured or joined to outside items. The clear fasteners have a permanent rachet style closure. These just push together to the correct thickness of your sample book. A 0mm-6mm fastener will hold swatches between 0mm and 6mm in thickness). With a 12mm diameter head and 5.5mm barrel these with fit through your standard 6.5mm punched hole.

The black or white fasteners (again with a 3mm central hole) have the traditional binding screw fitting that are screwed together or tapped home with a hammer. These can be taken apart at a later date and reused if needed. With a 10mm diameter head and 6mm barrel these will fit through your standard 6.5mm punched hole.


Ref Binding Capacity Info Quantity (in pack) Price (per pack) Discounts Colour Quantity Add
0mm - 3mm 100 £12.00 £6.20 (for 10 or more)
0mm - 6mm 100 £13.50 £7.20 (for 10 or more)
0mm - 9mm 100 £14.00 £8.40 (for 10 or more)
3.5mm 100 £10.30 £9.27 (for 10 or more)
5mm 100 £10.30 £9.27 (for 10 or more)
10mm 100 £10.60 £9.54 (for 10 or more)
15mm 100 £10.80 £9.72 (for 10 or more)