Prongs, Compressors and Tidybars

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Another popular binding style due to its ease of use. The prongs fit neatly through your standard two hole punch holes (2 hole punches have 8cm centres which is the measurement between the centre of one hole to the centre of the second hole) through to the other side. You can then include a compressor to assist in securing the paper. Lastly, slide the optional tidybar over the compressor to hide the prongs and leave you with a neat presentation. If you have a presentation that does not lend its style to punching through the back cover, fix the self-adhesive prong and compressor on the back for the same great results.


Ref Name Info Quantity (in pack) Price (per pack) Discounts Colour Quantity Add
Prongs 1000 £15.00 £12.00 (for 10 or more)
Compressors 1000 £10.00 £8.00 (for 10 or more)
Tidyslides - A4 100 £9.00 £6.98 (for 10 or more)
Tidyslides - A5 100 £7.00 £6.30 (for 10 or more)
Self Adheisive Prongs 100 £10.00 £8.75 (for 10 or more)