Identity and Conference Badges

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Identity and conference badge holders are produced using a soft welded PVC for strength and durability. With slots and holes situated in the double thickness header you can add an identity card strap to clip on a lapel or pocket. Alternatively add a ball and canoe neck chain or our popular safety lanyards which are available in great identifiable colours.


Ref Name Info Quantity (in pack) Price (per pack) Discounts Colour Quantity Add
8100042 To take card size: 54mm(h) x 86mm(w) 100 £13.00 £11.05 (for 10 or more)
810001 To take card size: 55mm(h) x 90mm(w) 100 £19.00
8100044 To take card size: 80mm(h) x 98mm(w) 100 £12.00 £10.20 (for 10 or more)
8100043 To take card size: 100mm(h) x 77mm(w) 100 £11.60 £9.86 (for 10 or more)
8100045 To take card size: 105mm(h) x 110mm(w) 100 £17.15 £14.58 (for 10 or more)
M10800K M10800K 100 £16.00 £15.00 (for 10 or more)
M10800S M10800S ID crocodile clip silver 100 £9.80