Suspension Wires and Hooks

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Steel wires to attach your hanging bar or display boards to the hanging buttons. Extending wires with there spring style find there own natural level. Nylon extending wires are only 93mm long but you can unwind the joined nylon to up to 1.5meters. "C", "S" and double end hooks are also so popular for hanging displays or joining display boards together. Double ended hooks also available in other lengths upto 40 (1020mm)

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Ref Name Info Quantity (in pack) Price (per pack) Discounts Colour Quantity Add
7320.100 Short Extending Wire 100 £13.92 ex VAT
£16.70 inc VAT
5507.100 38mm "C" wire joining hook 100 £9.51 ex VAT
£11.41 inc VAT
5501.100 48mm "S" wire joining hook 100 £11.17 ex VAT
£13.40 inc VAT
7319.100 Double ended hook 150mm 100 £9.06 ex VAT
£10.87 inc VAT
7314.100 Double ended hook 300mm 100 £10.37 ex VAT
£12.44 inc VAT