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The ATG Applicator Gun allows for quick and easy mounting of double sided tapes and glue dots. The hand held applicator speeds through your point of sale, print finishing and mounting work. For use with 6mm tapes the optional 6mm adaptor is required


Ref Name Info Quantity (in pack) Price (per pack) Discounts Colour Quantity Add
ATGGUN ATG Hand Applicator 1 £21.00
ATGAPP ATG 6mm tape adaptor 1 £7.00
ATG217 "Flush Edge" 6mm width x 33m 1 £2.50 £2.10 (for 24 or more)
ATG168 "Flush Edge" 12mm width x 33m 1 £2.70 £2.25 (for 12 or more)
ATG169 "Flush Edge" 18mm width x 33m 1 £3.50 £2.60 (for 8 or more)
ATGHT High Tack Glue Dots 1500 £6.50
ATGLT Low Tack Glue Dots 1500 £6.50
ATGSH Super High Tack Glue Dots 1500 £6.50